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Government Relations and Municipal Liability Defense Lawyers

Full Service Municipal Liability Defense Lawyers

City, county, and other local government units have specific and wide-ranging legal needs. The West Virginia Code regulates all activities of local governments, including but not limited to taxation and financing; elections; the provision of fire, police, and other emergency services; and intergovernmental relations. Similarly, Kentucky and Ohio have local codes that govern in their states. Local governments need specialized legal assistance to deal with the various tort claims, labor and employment issues, and other issues that can arise. Jenkins Fenstermaker is a full service law firm helping local government clients in these areas and more.

Jenkins Fenstermaker: Local Government Law Attorneys for a Range of Needs

A local government is in some ways like a business, with employees, property, finances, and compliance matters. Like private businesses, municipalities need sound advice from seasoned local government attorneys to keep things running smoothly. Whether a city requires counsel to defend an action against public safety personnel or a county seeks guidance on labor and employment matters, Jenkins Fenstermaker has qualified, experienced lawyers who can help.

Experienced Municipal Liability Defense Lawyers for Counsel and Litigation

Local governments often deal with claims from a variety of directions: personal injury or property damage claims arising from the conduct of a public employee or on public property, claims against police or correction officers alleging excessive or unnecessary force, or sexual harassment or discrimination claims against public employee supervisors. Local governments may also face claims alleging constitutional or civil rights violations. A government unit may have an attorney on staff part- or full-time, but even that attorney can’t handle the load all of the time.

The answer lies in Jenkins Fenstermaker’s municipal liability defense lawyers. Our experienced local government lawyers have successfully defended government clients in these types of cases and more. We have years of experience helping government clients defend against a variety of claims from before the time the claim is filed through the resolution of the case. Municipalities and their departments rely heavily on the experience and advice of the municipal liability defense lawyers at Jenkins Fenstermaker.

Advice on Labor and Employment Issues in a Government Setting

When managing local government labor and employment matters, the importance of well-written policies and personnel materials cannot be overstated. Jenkins Fenstermaker’s knowledgeable labor and employment attorneys can assist in drafting materials related to employment contracts, personnel policies and handbooks, and employee benefits among others. We can also help ensure that all policies and procedures comply with various federal and state requirements, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and assist with the handling of workers’ compensation claims.

Additionally, our attorneys have years of practice defending against employment-based claims like discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims as well as wage and hour issues and other claims subject to litigation. Our labor and employment litigators will work closely with local government units to assure the strongest defense possible.

Sound Advice on Real Estate Issues of Local Governments

When it comes to the business of running a city, look to the attorneys in our business and commercial group, who have years of experience in real estate matters. From eminent domain, land use, and zoning to commercial and construction disputes, we provide relevant, up-to-date guidance on the governmental unit’s rights and liabilities.

The Business of Local Government

Land use and zoning issues, real estate law, eminent domain, contract law, sunshine laws like the West Virginia Open Governmental Meetings Act . . . the list of legal specialties required for managing the business of a city or other local government goes on and on. Jenkins Fenstermaker has been helping clients navigate the complexities of these matters for more than 100 years. We can help local government administrators ensure that the business of local government is handled professionally and in compliance with relevant local and state laws and regulations.

Legal Guidance and Support for Local Governments from Jenkins Fenstermaker

Whatever the size of the city, town, county, or other government entity, quality guidance in legal matters is critical. There is a lot at stake in managing a municipality or other government entity. Balancing the needs of the public, responsibilities to employees, and ongoing business operations can be overwhelming. The municipal liability defense lawyers at Jenkins Fenstermaker can help. Contact us today by calling (304) 523-2100 (866) 617-4736 toll-free) or complete our online contact form to learn more about how we can help.