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While it can be tempting to forego legal counsel and instead use template employment policies and procedures, this approach often backfires, resulting in an unhealthy workplace that is primed for unionization. In addition, some labor laws apply even to non-union employers. That’s why savvy employers in West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH) engage experienced labor and employment attorneys to help them navigate this complex area of law.

How a Tristate Collective Bargaining Attorney Helps Employers

In the absence of a unionized workforce, businesses set the terms and conditions of employment bound only by applicable law. Once workers join or establish a union, the whole landscape changes. Most terms and conditions of employment—such as pay, work hours, discipline, and benefits—become subject to mutual agreement through the process of collective bargaining.

The National Labor Relations Act sets the playing field for businesses and their workers when the workers seek to join or establish a union, as well as for the collective bargaining process after unionization. It prescribes the methods by which employees may seek to unionize and the behaviors required of management during and after the unionization effort. And some aspects of the Act apply even in a non-unionized environment. 

Collective bargaining can be beneficial to both labor and management. Labor unrest can be extremely counterproductive, harming profits and even the existence of the business. The process allows management to understand what is on the minds of employees—both good and bad—and allows employees a better look at what their employers are facing. At the end of the day, if a business falls on hard times because of labor unrest or unprofitability, no one wins.

Serving Union and Non-Union Employers

The labor lawyers at Jenkins Fenstermaker effectively serve businesses that are unionized and those that would rather remain non-union. We help our business clients bargain effectively with the union or unions representing their employees, and we advise non-union clients on how best to remain that way if they so choose. 

Our labor lawyers have deep experience with federal and state labor laws like these:

  • Advising managers about policy and procedure development
  • Providing legal counsel on prevailing wage matters in WV, KY, and OH
  • Counseling employers regarding project labor agreements
  • Negotiating and renegotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Advising businesses about unfair labor practices
  • Negotiating in the event of a strike or work-stoppage
  • Providing legal representation in employee grievances
  • Representing companies in federal and state labor board proceedings
  • Litigating labor-related claims

Where to Find a Trusted Collective Bargaining Attorney

Working with a team of labor lawyers can help employers navigate NLRB matters and other federal and state labor laws. Whether or not your workplace is unionized, legal advice is invaluable. Bargaining in good faith with unions is a must, and it requires a steady hand. Likewise, responding to a unionization effort requires patience and measured actions. Missteps in either process can result in lost productivity and profits, sanctions from the National Labor Relations Board, and other damages.

Employers can trust that a tristate collective bargaining attorney from Jenkins Fenstermaker has the knowledge—and the managerial perspective—that is required to prevent, arbitrate, and litigate labor issues successfully. Contact the firm today by calling (866) 617-4736 or completing our online contact form.