West Virginia Workers' Compensation Lawyer

A Strategic Approach to Workers' Compensation

The West Virginia law firm of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC, brings a strong tradition of providing strategic counsel to insurance companies and self-insured businesses of all kinds — including small, closely held family businesses, Fortune 500 companies, international corporate conglomerates and 501(c)(3) nonprofit companies. The attorneys of Jenkins Fenstermaker focus on strategically positioning their clients to handle workers' compensation issues with the least amount of time and financial cost.

Jenkins Fenstermaker provides employers and insurance companies an individually tailored, strategic approach to workers' compensation that includes preemptive counsel, settlement negotiation and litigation.

Jenkins Fenstermaker also provides assistance to insurance companies and self-insured employers in regulatory compliance issues before the West Virginia Insurance Commission.


The best solution to any problem is to prevent or limit it before it escalates. The attorneys of Jenkins Fenstermaker provide valuable counsel for self-insured businesses and insurance companies regarding:

  • Internal safety policies and return to work programs
  • OSHA compliance and other legally mandated safety measures
  • Strategic planning for workers' compensation claims processing


When a workers' compensation claim is filed against a Jenkins Fenstermaker client, the firm's workers' compensation attorneys will research the facts and circumstances, as well as the client's goals, budget and overall workers' compensation strategy, to develop a comprehensive plan for how to proceed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The firm places a particular emphasis on reaching the least costly resolution through negotiation and settlement of claims wherever possible

The attorneys of Jenkins Fenstermaker focus on providing trustworthy, cost-effective workers' compensation solutions to insurance companies and self-insured employers.


When workers' compensation cases cannot be settled amicably, Jenkins Fenstermaker lawyers fight aggressively for their clients. With an 85-year track record of successful litigation, the lawyers of the firm defend their clients' interests for the best results possible in every case.

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