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An Estate Administration Lawyer in WV: Your Navigator of the Probate Process

The death of a loved one brings on a world of grief that can only be understood by those left behind. There is a flurry of personal emotions of fear, anger, guilt, sadness, and despair to cope with. And all while dealing with the confusing personal…

WV Undue Influence in Will and Trust Challenges

Whether you're managing an estate plan for yourself or are involved in a dispute regarding the intentions of a deceased loved one, your legal decisions should be informed by an understanding of WV undue influence law.

What Is the Time Frame for Challenging a WV Will?

Originally, the statute of limitations for filing a will contest in West Virginia was five years. Over the last century, the West Virginia Legislature has gradually reduced that period, and the time frame for challenging…

How to Prepare for Probate of a Will in WV

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest events we deal with in life. A death can take a toll emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically on those left behind, whether in West Virginia (WV) or any other state. The last thing anyone wants to…

How Do I Go Through Probate in Ohio?

Death creates a void in the lives of the family and loved ones left behind. While hearts are grieving, practical matters must also be tended. The deceased likely owned property had some outstanding bills at the time of death. The court procedure for…

A Map to the Probate Process Without a Will in Ohio

Life does not have a predetermined expiration date. When a loved one dies unexpectedly and without a will, the grief of those remaining face is compounded by having to deal with the probate process without a will in Ohio. When happens, the surviving…

Will Ancillary Probate Issues Affect You?

The term “probate” is not so unfamiliar—it conjures up thoughts of will administration, will contests, and sometimes mounds of paperwork. Probate assets are those that have no built-in survivorship feature, so it is up to a probate…

The Duties of an Executor: Estate Administration in a Crisis

The executor of an estate makes sure the estate is settled and distributed according to the documented wishes of the deceased. In so doing, the executor has significant responsibilities, which include protecting the interests of the estate and all of…

Estate Litigation in a Pandemic

The difficulty of losing a loved one is exacerbated when disputes arise amongst beneficiaries or family members. Additional factors, like the coronavirus pandemic, complicate matters even further for those navigating estate disputes in West Virginia…

The Basics on Probate in West Virginia

When a loved one passes, picking up the pieces can be hard. Dealing with your grief can take time, but delays in wrapping up your loved one’s estate are not a good idea. Deadlines for probate filings start running on the date of death, making…