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December 2019 Archives

Estate Planning Goals Are New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

The conversation is sure to turn to resolutions as we are preparing for a new year in the tri-state area of West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH). Many of us will make resolutions, but few will keep them. Prioritizing your estate planning goals in the year ahead is actually relatively easy to achieve. When you make estate planning your resolution, you set yourself up for success that extends beyond the satisfaction of keeping a New Year's resolution.

Parent Access to Grades Can End When College Begins

Parent access to grades is a specific area of concern for parents and guardians of college students, especially when funding all or part of a student's education. Call it helicopter-parenting or just a vested interest, but many parents and guardians have good reasons for keeping track of a student's progress, especially during the critical first year of college. However, they may be surprised to learn that access to their student's grades is not automatic.

Charitable Estate Planning in WV, KY, and OH

Often, people wish to make charitable giving a part of their legacy. Some prefer to contribute generously to charitable organizations during their lifetimes, when they can see the impacts of donations firsthand. Others favor the option of making a charitable bequest to be distributed upon their death. Many choose a combination of both. Whatever timing you prefer, charitable estate planning can help you maximize the financial benefits of philanthropy for yourself and your heirs.

Estate Tax Planning Techniques

Upon your death, you probably hope to distribute the wealth you have accrued over your lifetime in a way that is meaningful to you and your loved ones. Anticipating the tax responsibilities that will be placed on your estate and its beneficiaries--and using effective estate tax planning techniques--can help minimize estate taxes and ensure that you leave behind the legacy you intend.
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