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November 2019 Archives

When to Apply for Guardianship in WV

When adult children, parents, or other loved ones become unable to make important decisions or care for themselves, the decision to pursue legal guardianship for adults can be very difficult. Adult guardianship can be restrictive to the rights of the protected person and places significant responsibilities on the appointed guardian. Understanding guardianship laws in West Virginia (WV) can help you decide if and when to apply for guardianship in WV.

The Benefits of DAP Trusts for CPAs and Accountants

Accountants, including certified public accountants (CPAs), are intimately involved in the financial lives and well-being of their clients. Despite conscientious adherence to best practices, blame can fall on the accountant when a client suffers a financial misfortune. The ability to protect personal assets when allegations of professional wrongdoing are made is one of the benefits of DAP trusts for CPAs and all accountants.

Understanding Adult Guardianship in Ohio

According to a recent study from Miami University, adult guardianship in Ohio is on the rise, and many family members and friends are tasked with the important job of becoming a guardian for a loved one who needs assistance with self-care or managing financial matters. The study found that 70 percent of the guardians are family members or friends of the person under guardianship (the "ward").
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