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Legislature overturns Governor's veto of Right-to-Work law

The West Virginia legislature voted to override Governor Tomblin's veto of Senate Bill 1, the "Workplace Freedom Act." The Governor vetoed the bill February 11th. In his veto message to the Senate, the Governor stated that he "never had a company cite 'right to work' as a barrier to relocating in West Virginia." The Republican majority disagreed with the Democratic Governor's assessment of the bill and overrode his veto by a vote of 18 to 16 in the Senate and 54 to 43 in the House of Delegates.

The Act will invalidate any new agreement between an employer and a union that requires employees to join the union or to pay a service fee to the union. The Act will be applicable "to any written or oral contract or agreement entered into, modified, renewed or extended after July 1, 2016."

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