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Financing Transactions

Tristate Financing Transactions Attorneys

Loan Document Negotiation, Preparation, and Review

Our tristate financing attorneys assist clients with loan document negotiation, preparation, and review. Commercial loans rarely present a one-size-fits-all situation, making it essential to have counsel who understand the particular needs of the borrower or the financial institution before finalizing any loan. 

Strong loan document drafting skills are vital to preserve the deal the parties agreed to as well as to plan for possible contingencies and predicted future events. The parties usually continue to negotiate as they prepare documents and work through the details. Our financial transaction attorneys are detail-oriented, flexible, and good at building relationships with opposing parties and their counsel to bridge these differences. We also have the respect of courts and other attorneys throughout West Virginia and beyond.

Corporate Finance Solutions and Commercial Loans

Businesses need capital to flourish and expand. The business attorneys at Jenkins Fenstermaker have solid experience in structuring loans and investments for the acquisition of business capital in efficient and cost-effective ways. We ably prepare and handle negotiating, documenting, and closing transactions for both private and commercial long- and short-term debt, guaranties, conversions, and debt restructuring.

Revolving credit, collateralization, and secured lending require additional strategies and documents that Jenkins Fenstermaker regularly handles. 

Whether your business is borrowing, lending, or serving in some other role such as pledging collateral for a borrower or furnishing a guaranty, your interest deserves experienced legal representation from the commercial loan transaction attorneys at Jenkins Fenstermaker.

Counsel for Financial Institutions

While many financial institutions have their own in-house legal departments, outside counsel is important when transactions relate to an unfamiliar location or type of business. Tristate financing transactions attorneys serve as counsel for financial institutions in WV, KY, and OH either on a consultative basis or as dedicated counsel on a day-to-day basis. 

Jenkins Fenstermaker provides invaluable guidance to all parties in lending and financing relationships. Sometimes, disputes persist and a mutual resolution seems unlikely. The involvement and advice of counsel before the initiation of litigation is one of the benefits of partnering with a full-service law firm, where its highly respected commercial litigation team is ready to assist in the event a dispute results in litigation. 

Repossession, Commercial Foreclosure, and Workouts

When the worst-case scenario unfolds and a borrower defaults, commercially reasonable parties can still work to salvage the situation. When this happens, skilled business and commercial law attorneys are ready to advise borrowers and lenders of their rights and responsibilities under the loan documents, state and federal law, and, if necessary, bankruptcy law. 

In the event of a default, quick action may be necessary to protect a client’s rights and the underlying collateral. An existing relationship with a financing transactions attorney can be invaluable, allowing counsel to act quickly. The relevant documents and applicable laws attempt to provide an orderly system for realizing or protecting the collateral and income generate by it, but sometimes it is a race to the courthouse to file necessary documents to preserve a right to collateral or protect the collateral itself.  

Repossessions, commercial foreclosure, and workouts present special issues governed both by state law and the loan documents. An experienced attorney can guide parties through the publishing of notices and jumping through each hoop necessary for obtaining clear title to real estate via foreclosure, or, hopefully, provide such title to a successful bidder. Workouts require additional negotiations and legal documents for both parties. Oral agreements, letters and emails, and habitual extensions may not protect your rights, but knowledgeable counsel know how to memorialize those communications to safeguard a client’s rights. 
For financing transactions related to the WV, KY, or OH area, shrewd businesses and lending institutions do not assume that your interests are protected and let the other party’s counsel drive the bus. To protect your rights, contact a tristate financing transactions attorney using the contact form at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC or call the firm at (304) 523-2100 or (866) 617-4736 toll-free.