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Commercial Real Estate

Tristate Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate transactions can be complex and demanding of a business’s time. These deals and negotiations carry great weight for most companies, and the outcome of the transaction can directly impact the future health and well-being of the business. An experienced commercial real estate attorney is an important partner for companies in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio that seek to use real estate deals for maximum business success.

How Can a Tristate Commercial Real Estate Attorney Help Your Business Thrive?

The intricacy of commercial real estate transactions and the fundamental role of real property in business necessitate the guidance of trusted and knowledgeable legal counsel. At all stages of real estate management, from commercial real estate acquisition and sale in WV, KY, and OH to zoning and land use issues, a commercial real estate attorney can evaluate, investigate, and negotiate for the best possible outcome.

The business and commercial law group at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC offers experienced legal counsel in the following areas:

  • Acquisition and sale of real property, including purchase and sale contracts

  • Financing

  • Leasing

  • Management and use of real estate

  • Opportunity Zones

  • Zoning and land use

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition and Sale in WV, KY, and OH

Knowledgeable, local legal counsel can assist businesses in commercial real estate acquisition and sale in WV, KY, and OH, including contract and deed preparation, title searches, due diligence investigation, survey review, title insurance, permitting, and more.

Acquisitions and sales of real property by businesses range from simple transactions to complex, multi-step processes. Regardless of the level of difficulty involved, businesses need the guidance of a qualified attorney who is well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern commercial real estate and the parties involved.

Businesses involved in real estate transactions must also consider applicable tax and other financial implications. For example, some businesses can benefit from structuring a transaction as a like-kind exchange under Internal Revenue Code § 1031. An attorney whose practice is focused in this area is best-suited to advise business clients in these matters.

A Tristate Commercial Real Estate Attorney Can Assist with Financing of Business Transactions

Commercial borrowers in WV, KY, and OH and the banks and other financial institutions who lend to these businesses benefit from the insights of a tristate commercial real estate attorney regarding the details and documentation of the financing. Jenkins Fenstermaker’s business and commercial attorneys assist clients in these areas and more:

  • Purchase money loans
  • Leasehold mortgage financing
  • Construction loans
  • Permanent financing

Leasing Real Estate with the Guidance of a Tristate Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Leasing of real property involves drafting and negotiation of contracts and other legal documents. The details of these agreements are critical, and poorly structured agreements can be a company’s downfall if a leasing dispute later arises. Companies of all sizes, whether lessor or lessee, benefit from experienced counsel when negotiating leases for manufacturing, commercial, retail, office, and residential uses.

Counsel for Development and Use of Real Estate in WV, KY, and OH

Various federal, state, and local agencies regulate the development and use of real property in the tristate area of WV, KY, and OH. Businesses need ongoing legal counsel to help avoid problems that can develop in this area of the law. When issues do arise, a competent commercial lawyer can help secure a favorable outcome. Companies should consult with an attorney or legal team on issues including the following:

  • Permitting and approvals
  • Land development
  • Environmental issues
  • Easement and right of way matters
  • Tax disputes and appeals
  • Eminent domain
  • Foreclosures

The attorneys in Jenkins Fenstermaker’s business and commercial group offer the experience companies should seek when they need counsel for development and use of real estate in WV, KY, and OH.

Opportunity Zones in WV, KY, and OH

Qualified Opportunity Zones (Opportunity Zones or QOZ) and Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) were created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Public Law 115-97). The program, designed to encourage investment in rural and urban areas that are economically distressed, offers tax benefits to investors in specified geographic areas.

There are currently 55 designated Opportunity Zones in WV, 144 in KY, and 320 in OH. An attorney with knowledge in this field can assist businesses in evaluating the potential benefits of investing in real estate in QOZ locations or establishing a QOF.

Consult a Tristate Commercial Real Estate Attorney for Zoning and Land Use Issues

When a company wants to make an investment in real estate, or otherwise exchange property, zoning and land use issues can be a dealbreaker. Even worse, when these matters come to light after a transaction and investment has been made, businesses can suffer significant consequences and limitations.

Engaging an experienced real estate attorney for ongoing counsel related to acquisitions and sales, variances, special use permits, subdivision approvals, and more can prevent problems related to zoning and land use. And when a dispute in this area does arise, the assistance of qualified legal counsel is necessary.

Companies that engage in real estate transactions—from Huntington, West Virginia to Lexington, Kentucky to Columbus, Ohio—need the legal guidance of an experienced tristate commercial real estate attorney, backed by a law firm with a reputation for fighting for businesses large and small. Contact the lawyers of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC now to see how the firm can serve your business needs. Call (304) 523-2100 or toll-free at (866) 617-4736 or complete this online contact form to learn how we can help you.