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Estate Taxes in WV: Filing a Final Estate Tax Return and Other Responsibilities

The period following the death of a family member or loved one is an emotional, stressful time. In West Virginia (WV)--and other states--the executor of the deceased's estate shoulders the additional burden of fiscal responsibilities, such as filing a final estate income tax return and sometimes estate tax returns. For anyone facing these responsibilities, it is important to learn about estate taxes in WV, the probate process, and the general responsibilities of the executor.

DIY Wills...Do I Really Need a Will Attorney in WV?

With the convenience of the Internet, a lot of West Virginians try to save money or try new things through "do-it-yourself (DIY)" research. You can find DIY car repair, DIY arts and crafts projects, DIY home repairs, and nearly every other topic imaginable. But when it comes to estate planning, it usually best to leave that job to a will attorney in WV.
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