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The NLRB Prefers the Camel to the Camel's Nose: Micro-Unions under PCC Structurals

How many unions can fit inside one building? After the NLRB issued its decision in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile in August 2011, the business community predicted that "micro-unions" would pop up in workplaces, vastly increasing the number of unions with whom an employer would be obliged to bargain. Senator Lamar Alexander said that a single store might find itself saddled with more than a dozen unions: "The National Labor Relations Board's decision to allow micro-unions fractures workplaces.... your local department store could splinter into dozens of factions that the employer must now negotiate with -- with the men's clothing department, the bedding department, the fragrance department, and the women's shoe department all represented by separate unions...."
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