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WV Business Divorce: Options When Your Business Relationship Fails

Have you ever heard of a "business divorce"? Everyone knows that a traditional divorce is the official end of a marital relationship. However, the term "divorce" is also being applied to the end of the relationship between business owners in West Virginia (WV), sometimes called a WV business divorce.

Think Your WV Arbitration Clause Is Solid? Consider This...

Arbitration can be a less expensive, relatively simple alternative to formal court litigation. Policy at the federal level clearly supports the ability of contracting parties to choose arbitrators over judges to resolve disputes. Regardless, many state courts find creative ways to avoid contractual arbitration clauses. Consider a recent case heard twice by the West Virginia (WV) Supreme Court of Appeals-the case of Schumacher Homes v. Spencer, which determined the enforceability of a WV arbitration clause in the parties' contract.

House Bill 4191 - Taxation with Representation Act

On January 21, 2016, Delegate Howell introduced House Bill 4191, which creates the Taxation With Representation Act (the "Act"). Under the Act, nonresidents of a municipality who work in the municipality and pay user fees pursuant to a municipal ordinance may vote in municipal elections. House Bill 4191 has been forwarded to the House Committee on Political Subdivisions for review and consideration.

House Bill 2615- West Virginia Small Business Capital Act

At the start of the 2016 Regular Legislative Session, Delegates Lane and Faircloth introduced House Bill 2615, which creates the West Virginia Small Business Capital Act (the "Act"). The Act exempts the offer and sale of certain securities from the requirements of the West Virginia Uniform Securities Act and is designed to provide small businesses with additional start-up options.

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