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February 2019 Archives

WV Municipal Defense Lawyers Focus on the Unique Needs of Political Subdivisions

Local government entities in West Virginia--municipalities, cities, government departments, police and fire departments--face a number of challenges. Municipal budgets are tight, and taxpayers do not want public funds to be spent on legal settlements or awards of damages. WV municipal defense lawyers can help government entities or political subdivisions prevent and defend against claims that threaten precious resources.

Elder Care Insurance and Long-Term Care Partnership Programs

Long-term care insurance can ease the burdens of aging by covering the cost of services--such as nursing home or in-home daily living care--not typically covered under Medicare and other health insurance plans. While this coverage can be expensive, there are multiple options to consider, and long-term care partnership programs in many states, including West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH), seek to make long-term coverage more affordable and attractive to wider groups of people.

Federal Court Rule Changes Affect Litigants Beginning December 1, 2018

An experienced litigation attorney explains how federal court rule changes affect litigants.

Elder Care Planning in WV, OH, and KY: How to Pay for Long-Term Care

This is the first in a series of six blogs on the topic of long-term care in elder care planning in WV, OH, and KY. The blogs that follow in this series will take more in-depth looks at the topics discussed here. Consulting an attorney for long-term care planning and the guidance of a financial advisor can help you protect your interests and those of your loved ones as you age.

WV Workers' Compensation Legislation in 2019 and Related Bills in Session

Jenkins Fenstermaker workers' compensation attorneys help you understand potential changes to WV workers' compensation legislation in WV legislative bills. Read on to learn more.
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