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January 2019 Archives

2019 West Virginia Election Law Bills: What You Need to Know

The West Virginia Legislature has started up again, and new bills affecting West Virginia (WV) elections have already been introduced. Several bills relate to the Mountain State's election laws. If ultimately passed, the 2019 West Virginia election law bills would have an impact on several areas regarding voting in our state. To understand how these bills could affect you, follow this series of blogs discussing election law bills before the Legislature, including those listed below.

Crystalline Silica and Construction--Are You OSHA Compliant?

After 45 years without a change, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued a standard lowering the acceptable exposure levels for crystalline silica and construction and placing new burdens on the construction industry. Compliance with the new silica standard is multi-faceted and necessary to help businesses meet OSHA's requirements as well as respond to any allegations of failure to comply.
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