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November 2017 Archives


If you want to learn about West Virginia's nurse practitioner independent practice law, you're in the right place. In 2016, WV joined 21 other states by broadening the legal scope of practice for nurse practitioners, also known as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). This opens the door for a qualified APRN to start his or her own independent practice. This blog will discuss applicable law for starting a nurse practitioner independent practice in WV.

How to Handle Employee Theft, aka You Caught the Thief--Now What?

A trusted employee has stolen from your company, and you need help determining what to do next. Read this article from experienced WV labor and employment attorney Steven Snyder to learn how to handle employee theft.

WV Living Will: Your Life, Your Decisions

Lawyers all over the country, as well as physicians, omnibus men and others in the legal and medical professions, spend a great deal of time trying to convince us all to have a "living will." Some of us understand what a living will is, while others have vague thoughts about the living will and what can be accomplished by creating a living will. But what is a WV living will and do you really need one?

Understanding West Virginia Intestate Laws

When a West Virginian dies, the deceased's property is transferred to his or her heirs through a legal process referred to as probate. After the debts of the estate are paid, the property is devised to heirs in one of two ways: (1) if the person had a Last Will and Testament (a "will"), this means the person died "testate," and the property is transferred according to the will; or (2) if the person died without a will, the decedent is said to have died "intestate." West Virginia intestate laws then control the allocation of the decedent's property.
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