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October 2016 Archives

Chargeable Employer in a Hearing Loss Claim in WV

Most employers in West Virginia (WV) would never imagine that they would be deemed to be the chargeable employer in a hearing loss claim for an employee who worked a mere four days. But that's exactly what happened in a recent workers' compensation appeal before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Pioneer Pipe, Inc. v. Swain et al.

Idiopathic Falls and Workers' Compensation in West Virginia

How do courts decide whether injuries that result from on-the-job falls are compensable under the West Virginia workers' compensation system? Workplace falls are common and can lead to serious, even fatal injuries. In fact, in the construction industry, falls are known as one of the "fatal four" because they are the leading cause of worker deaths. No industry is free from this common hazard. In fact, most nonfatal falls occur in health services, wholesale, and retail work.
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