Energy Litigation

The energy industry is holding its own as a dominant force in the economy of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Tri-State area. Jenkins Fenstermaker is committed to ensuring that this momentum continues through its representation of the energy industry as it navigates the myriad legal issues arising out of oil, gas, and coal production in the Appalachian Basin.

One of the most common challenges the industry faces is the prospect of litigation over property rights and values, as well as eminent domain and regulatory challenges. Energy disputes present unique issues of law that are best evaluated by attorneys with deep knowledge of the industry as it operates in the Appalachian Basin. Whether your dispute involves title, leasing, surface, subsurface, mineral, royalty, injury, or employment claims, Appalachia can present legal challenges that are foreign to other energy-rich regions of the United States. The attorneys at Jenkins Fenstermaker are experienced in the resolution of coal, oil, and gas disputes arising in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Energy Litigation Attorneys for Courtroom Disputes

Courtroom action is often necessary to resolve the disputes arising out of coal, oil, and gas production in the Appalachian Basin. Jenkins Fenstermaker's attorneys are more than prepared for that eventuality. Our litigators are experienced trial lawyers who have appeared at every level of the state and federal court systems in West Virginia and surrounding states.

Mediation and Arbitration of Energy Disputes

Courtroom litigation, however, is not always the best resolution to a dispute. Our attorneys are equally skilled in dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, and other types of alternative dispute resolution. We understand when it is best to avoid the courtroom and how to structure a practical outcome for our clients.

Preventing Legal Disputes through Solid Counsel

Naturally, avoiding a dispute is better than resolving one. We stand ready to advise our clients well ahead of any disputes that may arise and provide them the counsel they need to help avoid or overcome the challenges of coal, oil, and gas development in Appalachia. We proactively advise our clients about best practices with the goal of reducing the likelihood that energy litigation will occur. Whether working with in-house counsel or serving in that role for our clients, the attorneys at Jenkins Fenstermaker can help keep your company on track rather than sidetracked on litigation.

Balanced Resources for Oil, Gas, and Coal Companies

In addition to our energy litigation practice, we can also bring to bear the resources of our business and commercial practice for our industry clients. Our attorneys engaged in commercial real estate and financing are assets that allow us to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to advising companies in property matters.

Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC provides representation for clients in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, backed by more than 90 years of legal experience. Call Attorney Allison J. Farrell in the firm's Clarksburg, West Virginia office at 304-399-9763 (or 866-617-4736 toll free) to discuss your energy-related legal needs.